About Adrian

My name is Adrian Covarrubias and I am a multimedia specialist & a youth educator. I am a professional videographer, photographer, music producer, sound engineer, DJ, events coordinator, & social media manager. I am a first generation, Chicano, educator and business owner native to Colorado. My mission is to provide positive media representation of my community and create opportunities for my community to have access to STEM, literature, & media. I wish to serve as a median that gives people of all backgrounds a platform in an industry that has historically had high barriers of entry & a lack of diversity.

Multimedia Specialist
Adrian Covarrubias Multimedia Services LLC

March 2021- Present

I provide multimedia services to customers through my limited liability company. I operate and manage my multimedia studio at 8646 W Colfax Ave, CO. I am a videographer, photographer, DJ, sound engineer, and music producer. I also manage and promote my business on social medias to reach large demographics. I've worked with recognized artist, celebrities, universities, nightclubs, concert venues, and politicians.

Substitute Teacher
Hello Subs

Jan 2023- Present

I am responsible for teaching classes, leading activities, and supervising students when regular teachers are absent, following the lesson plans provided by the regular teacher and maintaining the same level of classroom management and discipline. I also keep records of student attendance and performance. I substitute for middle and high schools in Aurora & Denver Public Schools.

Program Specialist
Denver Parks & Rec/ City Of Denver

Feb 2023- Oct 2023

As a a program specialist for the city of Denver, I was responsible for developing and implementing innovative arts programs and initiatives to enrich the lives of individuals and communities in the urban setting. My role involved overseeing the planning, execution, and evaluation of a diverse range of art programs and events that promoted creativity, expression, and community engagement. My strong communication and organizational skills allowed me to effectively manage multiple projects and initiatives, while my passion for the arts enabled me to inspire and engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds. As an experienced urban arts specialist, I possess a deep understanding of the value of art in promoting social cohesion, cultural diversity, and personal growth. My ability to create meaningful experiences that resonate with individuals and communities has made me a respected leader in the arts and culture sector, and a valuable asset to any organization committed to promoting creativity, inclusivity, and community development.

Youth Development Specialist
Boys & Girls Club of America

June 2021- November 2022
I am a former youth development, STEM, specialist for the Vickers Boys & Girls Club at The Nancy P Anschutz Center in Park Hill, Denver. I supervised youth in my STEM classroom & provided class programming for 30 youth ages five to eighteen at once. I taught and led mixed media and science projects with my students. I specialize in behavioral health management, restorative justice, and social & emotional learning with youth. As a youth development specialist I was also responsible for allocating grant and donor money to community partnerships, community events, field trips, and classroom supplies. I was responsible for up-keeping and cleaning the STEM classroom, the music recording studio, & the rest of the facility as well. Other duties included driving a small school bus, serving dinner, event planning, & adhering to various partners & donors such as The Anschutz Center, The Denver Nuggets, The Denver Broncos, The Colorado Rockies, & many more.